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I try to make the process as much fun as possible. From easy online forms to the occasional pirate quip *arr, Matey*, I'll do my best to bring a little sunshine into your day. Because there are enough things to be annoyed about, like, why hasn't anyone invented an endless cup of coffee yet?


Working together means expectations need to be met. You'll know exactly what to expect from me, because I'll put all the details in our Agreement. That way, you're never left wondering. And if I think you're going to need something that hasn't been included in the Agreement, I'll let you know.


I'll get to know you. I'll take the time to investigate your needs and come up with a strategy to get you the best result. We'll work together as a team. I won't blindly give you what you ask for if I know it's going to hurt you in the long run. Better design. Better businesses. Better communities.


I take the time needed to get results and make an impact. I won't rush your designs. Why? Because we're here to create something better, and better requires thought and originality. I want our clients to be better, to have better, and to make better things for others. Let's be better together.