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Visual Identity

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Who you are

You're a forward-thinking, customer-focused business owner who's ready to make a difference in the world.

Customer-focused & fun.

You're not just another business, not just another website; you're here to shake things up and break new ground.

  • You're a little bit quirky
  • You don't fit in a box
  • You want the best of the best and none of the rest

For you, being different isn't just a marketing ploy, it's a way of life. Helping you express that uniqueness is where we shine.

What I do

I turn your thoughts and words into visual environments.

Bringing thoughts to life.

I provide graphic design services to small businesses in need of a digital, print or multimedia presence. I specialise in visual identity design (often referred to as branding) and the promotional materials that come along with that, such as business cards, flyers and social media graphics.

I don’t just provide thoughtful images, I guide you through the process and provide you with documents that will help you manage your own graphic and marketing needs when necessary. The result? Great work without unnecessary costs.

Why I do it

I believe the power of small business can change the world.

Happy business, happy communities.

I believe small businesses can reach their audience and sincerely delight them. I believe many businesses do, and more businesses can. I believe business can be fun, both as an owner and as a consumer. I believe there’s a right way to stack the dishwasher (but that's an issue for anther day).

It’s my mission to transform businesses and help them reach their audience in ways not yet achieved. How? Connection! Visually, intellectually, and most importantly, emotionally.

Have you ever looked at a billboard about sky-diving and felt that rush like you’re about to jump off the plane? Or maybe you've walked into a cafe and felt an immediate sense of home? That’s the kind of experience I aim for. That’s why I do what I do.

I work with amazing businesses to help them provide the customer experience they're aiming for.

See for yourself

Getting results

Graphic design is “communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect. 

- dictionary.com


Creating connections

“Good art inspires. Good design motivates”
- Otl Aicher.

It's all about getting to the heart of the design; the purpose, the motivation. What outcome does the client want? What is most likely to prompt this response from the audience?
Once the purpose has been determined, the design is no longer about 'what looks good', but 'how to achieve this purpose'. Some designers focus solely on aesthetics when deciding whether a design is good. My focus is on effectiveness and real, tangible results.

Digital Design

If your clients interact with you via smartphone, tablet, computer, or anything requiring a screen, digital design is crucial for connecting with your customers. Digital design includes things like logos, social media banners, Facebook ads, Instagram posts, images for your website, and virtually any graphic which will be displayed on a screen for your customer to see.

Print Media

From newspaper and magazine ads to flyers, brochures and pull-up banners, getting your artwork properly prepared for print is essential. Print design takes into account ink and colour management, paper stock, and more. Printing can be an expensive process and hiring an experienced print designer is your best bet to save you from costly mistakes at the printing press.


The more your customers interact with you via a screen, the more important it is to inform and entertain them with multimedia. Use the screen to full effect by taking advantage of movement. Add video, animation and effects to create a more personalised experience for your audience. Tell your story. Share an experience. Maybe even add sound. Make your content irresistable.


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