Build Your Brand questionnaire

Section One
I don’t want you to be just anybody in business; I want you to have really big hair.
You heard right. Stay with me.
I want you to think about some of the brand personalities you look up to. Are you a fan of Gary Vaynerchuck? Maybe Marie Forleo’s more your style. Or maybe you connect with Simon Sinek. All of these people have created brands. Very successful brands. Gary is full of energy and “hustle”. Marie is warm, insightful and funny. Simon is smart and witty. Consistency lets their audience know what to expect and connect with. The same should be true for your brand.
If you were born before DVD players were invented you might remember the jingle from a TV show called The Nanny. She had style! She had flair! She was... there?! Wrong. Well OK, correct. But the point is, pizzaz (A.K.A. style and flair) is why the Nanny was hired over a dozen other (potentially more qualified) candidates. The woman had pizzaz (and really big hair).
Be like the Nanny. Let your personality shine.
This workbook will help you to find your own personal pizzaz. So, prepare your coffee cup (or tea, or other equally-delicious beverage), because it’s time to find your very own version of really big hair!
Establishing your brand personality means you'll attract like-minded people who love what you do, how you do it, and what you stand for.
HOW do your customers benefit?
I provide
to customers who
to help them acheive
A.K.A. Your 'Unique Selling Proposition' (USP)
What is your vibe?
Traditional --------> Modern
Formal --------> Informal

NOTE: You can choose from the list above or add your own.
Define your customer experience
What's the most important EMOTION you want your customers to experience when they interact with your business?
Before answering this question, imagine them visiting your website or shopfront, interacting with your staff and viewing your product. Try to focus on the underlying emotions (for instance, the thrill of a skydiving experience might make your customer 'happy', but it's the thrill that leads to that happiness, so 'thrilled' is what you're aiming for).
Section Two
This is the exciting part!

Your visual identity (a.k.a. brand) should take on so much personality your audience feel like they know it like a character in a book or something they’ve experienced first-hand, like the ocean, sunshine, or post-Christmas sales at the local shopping centre. OK, maybe that last one is better forgotten...

It can be human or otherwise, and it sounds like poetry. Read each question and then close your eyes for a minute... when you open your eyes, you’ll have the answer. Go ahead and type it in.